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M i l i t e l

P o r t S u d a n

T E T R A m e d i a t i o n

V i r t u a l P M R

VoIP solution for US military forces in Iraq. A system allowed soldiers making calls home during the second Iraq war.

A system for dispatching and management all seaport units and facilities.

A solution for Dubai companies that allowed interconnecting different TETRA networks based on equipment from different manufacturers.

A system for Germany that allowed interconnecting dispatch centers of police, fire departments and other emergency services which use different TETRA networks based on equipment from different manufacturers.


What is


UPROTEL (Unified Professional Telecommunication) is a provider of affordable professional telecommunication solutions for any market.

Developed technology provides all necessary professional telecommunication features by itself or alternatively it can be integrated into the existing networks and extend their functionality, features and capacity.


UPROTEL provides affordable, cost-effective professional telecommunication solution for enterprise market.

Provided solutions offer a full spectrum of professional telecommunication functions and easily integrates into existing communication networks and expand their functionality.

Merge network based on equipment from different manufacturers that are not compatible with each other.

Enhance existing infrastructure, allowing it to support a wider range of equipment.

Provide Dispatching, Recording, Monitoring, Security and Encryption solutions.

Integrate different generation networks and equipment.



UPROTEL technology based on IP/wireless networks. Thank this it makes UPROTEL solutions a natural choice for most of the businesses when it comes to adding professional voice services because they have already deployed a wired and wireless IP networks.

As consequence of utilizing digital networks and equipment, UPROTEL makes possible enabling PMR function for digital devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PC.

Nonradio users will get next features: Calls (Individual and Groups); SDS (Short Data Service) and Status messages; Push to Talk function (PTT); Dynamic Groups; Provide Encryption and Authentication; Dispatching, Monitoring, Voice recording.



  • PMR functions over IP networks (Wi-Fi, LTE);

  • Secure communication on unsecured lines;

  • Communication between different networks types (Radio / GSM / VoIP);

  • Communication between not compatible devices (Radio / Smartphones / PC);

  • Mobile Command Centers.


  • Advanced Dispatching;

  • Monitoring and Recording;

  • Indoor / Outdoor positioning;

  • Regroup user by location;

  • Auto vehicle location (AVL);

  • Location-based tasks;

  • Object-oriented task;

  • Task sequences and queues.


  • Wireless radio;

  • Desktop phones;

  • PC Softphones;

  • Mobile Softphones;

  • Crypto coders / decoders.

UPROTEL components for

Professional Telecommunication





UPROTEL is aimed at improving the usability of existing and next-generation communications networks through their integration and providing appropriate interfaces for their use and management.

With accumulated experience in the field of telecommunication UPROTEL provides advanced solutions for professional communication, develops and implements communication networks, provides high-class consulting.


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