Professional telecommunications technology and solutions. Affordable professional telecommunication features

UPROTEL (Unified Professional Telecommunication) is a provider of affordable professional telecommunication solutions for any market.
UPROTEL technology provides all necessary professional telecommunication features by itself or alternatively it can be integrated into the existing networks and extend their functionality, features and capacity.

What is UPROTEL Technology
UPROTEL solution is IP based communication system that provides professional telecommunication features (calls: push to talk, group calls, emergency; recording and tracking, short data messaging service, packet data transfer, dispatching and monitoring) to the any market.

UPROTEL technology characteristics and benefits
  1. Provides professional telecommunication features;
  2. Easily integrates into the existing telecommunication networks;
  3. Merges different generation networks;
  4. Extends telecommunication equipment and devices with new capabilities;
  5. Expands professional telecommunication features to mobile devices and PC;
  6. Implements advanced algorithms of media codecs, encryption and data transfer;
  7. Significantly reduces the size of telecommunication infrastructure;
  8. Fast call setup (300-500ms);
  9. Supports market leaders equipment;
  10. Offers API for third party developers.
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UPROTEL (Unified Professional Telecommunication)