UPROTEL solution for professional telecommunication.


UPROTEL provides cost-effective Extension to TETRA for professional telecommunication users. It allows to expand TETRA network and provide PMR functions for office personnel and mobile users (where there is limited TETRA coverage). Smoothly integrates into TETRA infrastructure, uses TETRA SSI, managed by TETRA infrastructure, available for dispatching, monitoring, voice recording, etc.
uprotel mobile softphone professional-telecommunication

UPROTEL TETRA Extension allows to use any office PC, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks), office DesktopPhones as professional telecommunication devices, allows to communicate with all TETRA subscribers, dispatchers and supports all PMR functions.

UPROTEL Components for TETRA

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Core Switch

Main unit which provides extension of TETRA environment for office personnel. It provides translation of TETRA infrastructure control commands (signaling), transfers voice and data, does the necessary transcoding and implements all PMR functions for office and mobile devices.


It is a telecommunication device that works on IP-based UPROTEL protocol and maintains basic PMR features including all type of group, emergency and priority calls. It provides office users access to TETRA network.

Main advantages:

  1. Smooth integration into the TETRA environment; Connects as TETRA subscriber;

  2. Allows (PC and mobile users) to communicate with all TETRA subscribes (radios) and dispatchers;

  3. Provide High-speed Data transferring;

  4. Supports all types of calls (Individual and Groups); DGNA;

  5. Supports PTT functions;

  6. Supports all types of SDS; Status messages;

  7. Available for monitoring and recording;

Supported infrastructures, technologies and equipment:

UPROTEL Supported equipment and technologies

UPROTEL softphone professional telecommunication UPROTEL  desktopphone professional telecommunication


Converts any Computer into professional telecommunication device, which supports PMR features and integrates into TETRA infrastructure.


WebPhone allows local and remote users to use any device with a browser and network access to the core switch, as professional telecommunication device without any additional software or modifying hardware.

uprotel mobile softphone professional-telecommunication


UPROTEL mediation server professional telecommunication


Mobile SoftPhone

It is an mobile telecommunication software that implements PMR functions. Can run on various mobile platforms (smartphones, PDAs, Tablets, etc). It uses UPROTEL proprietary signaling protocol to transfer voice and data via wireless networks.



Gateways provide ability to communicate between members of different communication network such as PSTN, VoIP, etc.





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