UPROTEL solution for enterprise professional telecommunication.

UPROTEL Solution for Enterprise market

UPROTEL provides affordable, cost-effective professional telecommunication solution for enterprise market.

UPROTEL solution provides full spectrum of professional telecommunication functions and easily integrates into existing communication networks and expand their functionality. It’s decentralized and distributed architecture allows easy integration and expanding network, guarantee high level of security and flexibility. It allows to integrate various telecommunication equipments and networks into single seamless communication space devoid of weakness of its components.

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UPROTEL professional telecommunication components

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Core Switch

Main unit which provides all professional telecommunication features required by enterprise market. Provides high quality secured communication between all components of enterprise communication network.


It is a telecommunication device that works on IP-based UPROTEL protocol and maintains all professional telecommunication features. Allows office users communicate with any member of corporate telecommunication network.

Key features:

  1. Individual call;
  2. Group call;
  3. Priority call;
  4. Push to Talk (PTT);
  5. SDS (Data messages);
  6. Status-messages;
  7. Group broadcast call;
  8. Dynamics Groups Number Assignment (DGNA);
  9. Emergency call;
  10. Call Hold;
  11. Call Forward;
  12. Virtual numbers/ Alias;
  13. Encryption (Voice and Data);
  14. End-to-end encryption;
  15. Authentication;
  16. Voice recording;
  17. Simultaneous transfer of Voice and Data;
  18. Hot desking.


  1. Fast call setup (300-500ms);
  2. High security level; Authorization; End-to-end encryption;
  3. Allows to expand professional telecommunication features to the Office: PC and mobile devices (notebooks, tablet PCs, PDAs, smart-phones and etc.);
  4. Cross platform (platform/operating system independent);
  5. Uses only 8kbps channel for voice transfer (Payload);
  6. High-speed Data transferring;
  7. Runs on significantly cheaper devices (comparing with professional radios);
  8. Easily integrates into any existing and perspective telecommunication networks;
  9. SNMP;
  10. Open API for third party developers.

Features will be released in future:

  1. Dispatching;
  2. Monitoring;
  3. Indoor positioning;
  4. Outdoor positioning;
  5. Video calls;
  6. Video conference;
  7. Auto-Attendant;
  8. Voice-mail;
  9. Muli Group calls;
  10. Multi-ring / Hunt groups;
  11. Direct calls;
  12. Video transfer;
  13. Object oriented calling.
UPROTEL softphone professional telecommunication UPROTEL  desktopphone professional telecommunication


Converts any Computer into professional telecommunication device, which supports all professioanl telecommunication features and allows communicate with any member of corporate telecommunication network. 


WebPhone allows local and remote users to use any device with access to the network as professional telecommunication device without any additional software or modifying hardware.

uprotel mobile softphone professional-telecommunication


UPROTEL mediation server professional telecommunication


Mobile SoftPhone

It is an mobile telecommunication software that implements all professional professional features. Can be run on various mobile platforms (smartphones, PDAs, Tablets, etc). Uses UPROTEL protocol for transfer voice and data via wireless networks.



Gateways provide ability to communicate between members of different communication network such as PSTN, VoIP, TETRA. Two different UPROTEL networks also can communicate through gateways.


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